iEstimate™ Construction - Demo Videos

1. Creating and Managing Projects - 10:05

Teaches you how to get started with iEstimate Construction. Create your first project, add items to the project, and view the final estimate.

2. Using Templates - 4:52

Learn how to use templates to rapidly create new estimates based on work you've done in the past. If you're not using templates, you're working too hard!

3. Using Product Catalogs - 9:55

Learn to use product catalogs as a quick and easy way to organize the common material and labor items that go into your projects.

4. The Filing Cabinet - 7:59

The Filing Cabinet is a quick and easy way to organize the information you use when creating estimates. Learn how to organize your client information, your vendor details, and configure your Units and Measurements.

5. Using iEstimate Online - 4:07

iEstimate Online is a truly unique tool that gives you a web-based interface to designing your estimates, uploading your company logo, and viewing a history of estimates you've sent using the app. This video will teach you how to get started.

6. Downloading the Home Depot Catalog - 4:50

Over 44,000 products with pricing, photos, and specifications are at your fingertips when you import the Home Depot product catalog. This video will teach you how to add this powerful tool to the app.

7. Uploading your own price information - 7:59

You don't need to enter all of your pricing details using the iPhone itself. You can use Excel to enter your product details and price information, and then download your entire price-sheet directly into your device. This video teaches you how.

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