Your LDS Ward Directory - on your iPhone!

iWard syncs directly with to retrieve an always up-to-date ward directory, including email addresses, phone numbers, names of children, and a complete ward leadership directory.


The church has kindly asked that all third-party developers cease interacting with as of Sept 29th, 2011. The only app that will work as of this date is "LDS Tools" (provided by the Church). iStake, iWard, and ALL other third party apps that interact with will cease to function on this date. For this reason, iStake and iWard are now -FREE- applications. Both will be removed from the App Store completely the end of September, as requested by the church. We appreciate the support we've received from the LDS community ove r the years, and encourage you to take a look at some of our other apps that we think you'll find useful (such as Mr. PhoneTree).
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PLEASE NOTE: iWard includes the membership and leadership information for your ward. If you would like a complete Stake directory, which includes your ward, PLUS all of the other wards in your stake, PLUS a complete Stake leadership directory, you will want to purchase iStake instead. Learn more about iStake Here

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Key Features

  • Delivers a complete ward directory
  • Delivers a complete ward LEADERSHIP directory (Bishopric, High Priests, Elders Quorum, Relief Society, etc.)
  • See detailed contact info for each ward member, including the ability to call, map, or email each ward member.
  • Copy member details directly to your contacts.
  • Provides cross-referencing of spouses -- including separate contact details for the spouse if available.
  • Provides a complete leadership directory for your entire ward.
  • Cross references member information to their calling.
  • Your confidential information is not stored on "third party servers", in accordance with church policy.
  • All communications between your phone and are encrypted.
  • Once downloaded, your LDS directory information is available regardless of whether you are online or offline.

What do I need to use iWard?

iWard should work on any iPhone or iPod. If you don't already have one, you will also need a member login to (You can get one here).

How does iWard get my ward directory information?

iWard retrieves your ward directories from the LDS Directory service using your username and password. It will also retrieve your complete ward leadership directories. There's no need for you to enter anything! You can also refresh or update the directory as often as you like.

Why does iWard need to know my area code?

Your ward directories are entered into the church MLS system by your clerks and uploaded to LDS church headquarters. Some clerks only enter 7-digit phone numbers, and this can confuse your phone if your cell phone number is in a different area code.

Can I copy people to my contacts?

Yes. Open the individual member screen and touch the "Copy to Contacts" button to move that person into your iPhone contact list. You can also call or email them directly from that screen.

Why is some of the information about my ward members incorrect?

The information on each member of your ward is maintained by your ward membership clerk through the church MLS system. Your ward clerks have the ability to update and modify this information via the computer in the clerk's office of your ward buildings. If you believe any of the information in your directory is incorrect, let them know, then re-update your directory when it has been corrected.

I'm still having trouble. How do I get support?

Before writing a negative review or rating the application poorly, please try to contact us for support first. We may be able to get you up and running easily!! Please email

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